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Online fundraising campaigns can be tremendously effective for raising money and acquiring new donors, but they don't automatically succeed. Too many promising campaigns wind up missing the mark because they aren't rolled out and promoted properly. In this webinar you will learn the best practices that will help you tee up your next peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for maximum success!

Key Takeaways:

  • What peer to peer fundraising is and why it works so well
  • The phases of a campaign and how your messaging should shift throughout
  • How to roll out an online fundraising campaign most effectively
  • How to effectively leverage social media to promote your campaign
  • How to develop campaign campaign collateral that connects with supporters    
MikeSpear   SeanChisholm   taylor_corrado

Mike Spear
Director of Customer Growth

  Sean Chisholm
Director of Marketing 

Taylor Corrado
Nonprofit Marketing Manager