100 Stats, Charts, and Graphs to Get Inbound Marketing Buy-InConvincing your organization to make a change is never easy. Even the most persuasive pitches can fall flat when coworkers ask the hard questions: Are other marketers actually doing this? How much is this going to cost? What will the return on investment be?

That's why we've compiled over 100 inbound marketing stats, charts, and graphs in a PowerPoint presentation to help you make more persuasive pitches.

This PowerPoint includes data on:

  • Inbound marketing ROI
  • Inbound vs. outbound marketing
  • Inbound marketing adoption trends
  • Online consumer trends
  • Inbound marketing tools: Blogging, SEO, social media, email marketing, landing pages, calls-to-actions

You can even copy and paste entire slides into your own presentations. You can also use these stats, charts, and graphs wherever else you’d like: on your blog, in an ebook, etc.

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