Attribution Reporting:

Making the Impossible Possible

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Companies spend lots of money on their marketing efforts. But an enduring question remains - are you spending that money well?

Many marketing leaders incorrectly assume that attribution is somehow beyond their reach, requiring expensive technology and teams of data scientists to understand ROI. 

It doesn’t need to be that way. We have the data, tools, and know-how to help marketers show their impact on the business, optimize their mix, and prove the value of their work. 

Join us on April 1st as we unpack attribution reporting in all its frustration and glory. We’ll cover the conceptual approaches to attribution, the tools that make it possible, and discuss some of the stickiest questions marketers struggle with.

  • jon dick

    Jon Dick

    SVP, Marketing

  • maria-miroshnichenko

    Maria Miroshnichenko

    User Acquisition Team Leader

  • Rosh-Fremont-Mar21-70

    Roshini Sadhwani

    Product Lead for Automation and Attribution