Would a prospective client travel 1,000 miles to do business with your firm?


That’s one of the litmus tests of a strong agency positioning strategy. Unless you’re satisfied with a business model that only attracts local clients, you should devote some thought to how you can become a destination agency.

In this ebook written by expert agency consultant and author, Tim Williams (@TimWilliamsICG), you'll learn how to define a truly unique positioning strategy through a series of exercises.


About the AuthorTim Williams is founder of Ignition Consulting Group, a leading U.S.-based consultancy devoted to helping marketing communications firms create more value for their clients. Tim is a noted author, international speaker, and presenter for major industry associations, agency networks, universities, and business conferences worldwide. He is author of the books, “Take a Stand for Your Brand: Building a Great Agency Brand from the Inside Out,” “Defining the Agency Brand,” and “Positioning for Professionals: How Professional Knowledge Firms Can Differentiate Their Way to Success.” Find out more about Tim and Ignition at IgnitionGroup.com.

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