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Webinar Details:

Duration: 60min


Mark Kilens, Inbound Marketing Consultant

Mark KilensPreviously to joining HubSpot, Mark was the Marketing Director at SalesQuest, a technology sales intelligence firm based in Massachusetts. Mark specializes in emerging fronts in search technology, especially real time search and semantic-based search.

Billy MacDonald, Inbound Marketing Consultant

billy macdonald

Prior to joining the team at HubSpot, Billy co-founded Siphon Marketing, an inbound marketing and web design agency, where he worked with small and medium-sized business to help them better market their businesses on the web and increase leads and sales.

Technical Requirements: Internet connection and speakers/headphones

Who should view? Marketers interested in generating more leads and increasing their conversation rates of their landing pages. Also, those who are interested in seeing first hand what it's like to be a HubSpot customer.

60 lp 60minReady to improve your visitor-to-lead conversions dramatically? We are ready to show you how! In fact, we will show you 60 different examples of how you can optimize your landing pages.

View this 60-minute webinar during which we will review 60 unique landing pages and show you some optimization tricks.

During this webinar you will learn through HubSpot customer examples:

  • How to keep your landing page elements consistent
  • What graphics to use for your offers
  • How to perform A/B testing of your pages
  • Ways to make your page social media-friendly