7 Deadly Sins of Church Communication StrategiesNo matter the denomination, size or setting, many churches struggle to communicate clearly and effectively - to both their congregation and the community around them. To grow and nurture a faith-based community, you need effective and efficient strategies that fit your organization's mission and audience. 

Churches from around the country have participated in a Fishhook Communications Assessment - putting their people and processes under a microscope to discover the issues holding them back from greater impact. In this live webinar, you'll hear what leads to the Seven Deadly Sins seen most frequently from this assessment. 

How are these and other deadly sins harming your church communications and what do you need to do to change them? Register for this webinar and find out!


Evan M.

Evan McBroom is the Creative Director of Fishhook, an innovative communications and creative services firm passionate about helping churches and other faith-based organizations better connect with people.

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