Top 7 Inspirational Email Tests

Increase your email clickthrough rates, opt-ins and conversions.

On average, email tests can help improve lead generation campaigns by up to 20%.

Ecommerce marketers can see a typical 10% lift. Thats 10-20% more responding leads or sales from the exact same list.

And yet only 42% of marketers surveyed by and Online Marketing Connect actually conduct A/B testing on their emails.

Luckily, email testing costs next to nothing and most email service providers make it very easy to run tests.

In Top 7 Inspirational Email Tests, find examples on how email tests:

  • Increased opt-ins by 122%

  • Generated 28% more leads

  • Increased CTRs by more than 25%

  • Improved the conversion rate by 6.5%

The authors of this eBook give you the five basic rules of email testing so that you can improve your email response rates and get conclusive results that really matter.

Take full advantage of the power of email marketing. Test and optimize your email campaigns first.

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