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The Complete A/B Testing Kit for Marketers

The Complete A/B Testing Kit

Inside: Intro to A/B Testing, Significance Calculator, and Tracking Template

Everything You Need to Start Running Effective A/B Tests Today

  • Running A/B tests in your marketing initiatives is a great way to learn how to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads from the visits you’re getting. Just a few small tweaks to a landing page, email, or call-to-action can significantly affect the number of leads your company attracts.
  • Too often, though, marketers and web developers don’t understand the theory and process behind effective A/B testing. It may sound easy, but A/B testing is all about optimizing your variables, finding significant results, and tracking those results to improve your conversion rates over time.
  • Kissmetrics and HubSpot brought together some of our most effective resources and created a complete A/B testing kit for marketers. Inside, you’ll find an introductory guide to A/B testing, an easy-to-use significance calculator, and a template to help you track your results overtime.

What's Inside?

  • 10 guidelines for effective A/B testing
  • What variables you should test
  • Running split tests for email, landing pages, and CTAs
  • How to run and evaluate your split tests
  • A simple significance calculator to track your results
  • A template to help you track, organize, and improve your tests

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