Data-Driven Marketing for Growth

Webinar: November 5, 2020 at 10 AM PT | 1PM ET

Data for data's sake doesn't help you grow.


Actions your ideal customers take online can help your business better understand their challenges and unmet needs, and how your offerings can help. As your database grows and your buyer becomes more complex, this becomes increasingly true. 

But which data points are most helpful, and how should you incorporate these key events or info into your marketing and sales strategies?

This week, we’ll examine what info you should be gathering across your web, chat, and email assets, how to stay organized with this new influx of data, and best practices for personalizing the buying experience.

Meet the Speakers

  • Elise Beck

    Elise Beck

    Product Marketing Lead, Sales Hub

  • pedro

    Pedro Clivati

    Head of Growth

  • Maria Miroshnichenko

    Maria Miroshnichenko

    User Acquisition Team Lead


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