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Smarter Selling with AI in 2023

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New data and insights from 600+ sales pros across B2B and B2C teams, along with 175+ sales leaders on how they’re using AI tools and the results they’ve seen.

Keeping Up with Buyer Expectations Using AI

In 2023, the top sales challenges are closing deals, connecting with prospects, and deepening customer relationships. None of these tasks are simple, but chipping away at them is all part of a day’s work for a great sales rep.

But there’s an additional level of economic difficulty layered on top of typical sales challenges this year: Consumers and businesses alike have become more cautious with their finances, so savvy reps have had to focus on the long game (building relationships that can bring in more revenue later) as opposed to bringing in quick wins. Plus, 74% of sales teams have to do more with less because of today’s economic conditions.

This disconnect has led many sales teams to turn to new AI-based tools that optimize the sales process, automate manual tasks, and help sales professionals actually spend their time connecting with prospects, getting more leads, and closing more deals. 

To learn more about how sales teams are addressing these challenges and the value of AI tools in sales, take a look at this Smarter Selling with AI Report from G2 and HubSpot.

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