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AI and the Future of Work

Join us for a conversation on how artificial intelligence will improve productivity, hiring practices, collaboration, and more.

Originally aired on February 9, 2017.

Meet the Speakers

  • adam-long.jpg

    Adam Long

    Adam Long manages the process of creating and managing products for Automated Insights, including Wordsmith, the company's platform for automating your writing. Adam also created Hemingway App, a tool that makes your writing clearer.

  • janmaat.jpg

    Bastiaan Janmaat

    Bastiaan Janmaat is the CEO and co-founder of DataFox, an artificial intelligence platform that provides sales, marketing, and investing teams with critical insights to find and win more business.

  • Amir-Salihefendic.jpg

    Amir Salihefendic

    Amir Salihefendic is the CEO and founder of Doist, the software company responsible for Todoist, one of the world’s most popular productivity tools used by millions of people.

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