Best Marketing and Advertising CampaignsWhen Seth Godin wrote his book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable,  he forced a lot of marketers to face the fact that we slowly but surely dug our own graves via boring, traditional “mass marketing” - and that the only way out was to stop being part of the herd, and “be remarkable.”

There are a lot of advantages to being remarkable. Decreased sales and marketing spend, for one. Unfair competitive advantage, for another. And quite possibly, category domination and greater customer lifetime value.

We’ve compiled our very own list of the top marketing and advertising campaigns ever, and included a few juicy details explaining what made each campaign so remarkable. You'll learn strategies you can use as inspiration for your next marketing initiative. Examples include:

  • Interactive ads that are easy to share, like Office Max's "Elf Yourself" ecards
  • Showing gratitude for your customers with a surprise ending, such as Cardstone's "World's Toughest Job" video
  • Content that creates a movement for a good cause, for example "Small Business Saturday" by American Express
  • ...and many more!

See these remarkable campaigns: