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A Crash Course in Social Alumni Engagement

From alumni reunions to capital campaigns, social media has reshaped how institutions can build lasting relationships with their alumni. With over 250 million LinkedIn members sharing their professional backgrounds and over 1 billion people "liking" stories and pages on Facebook, advancement teams can use these insights to identify donor capacity and willingness to give. 

At EverTrue, they call this Social Donor Management. It begins with optimizing your presence where your alumni already are and understanding your alumni community in the process.

In this webinar, Evertrue's Harvey Simmons will present a crash course on:

  • Building an alumni presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • New tools for advancement: crowdfunding and event registration
  • Identifying donors online and garnering trust from your alumni community 



Harvey Simmons

Harvey Simmons is the Dean of Marketing Affairs at EverTrue and an active speaker on the intersection of social media and mobile technologies. Previously, Harvey was a HubSpotter and worked in educational branding for Landor Associates. Harvey is a proud volunteer for his alma mater, Boston College, and an avid BC Eagles fan.

Brent Grinna

Brent Grinna is the Founder & CEO of EverTrue. Brent was inspired to found EverTrue after serving as an alumni volunteer for his alma mater, Brown University. At Brown, Brent served as Captain of the Varsity Football Team and was a leader of the the Senior Class Gift Campaign. Brent spent four years in finance at William Blair & Company and Madison Dearborn Partners. 



EverTrue strengthens relationships between alumni, alumni to their alma mater and institutional data to social donor data. EverTrue makes alumni networking accessible and provides fundraisers a simple way to identify prospects in their area. EverTrue is a Bain Venture backed company and a Preferred Partner of LinkedIn.


Download the slides and recording: