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28 Free Call-to-Action Templates

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Everything you need to write and design calls-to-action that drive conversions

Enhancing the look and feel of your calls-to-action is a great way to get more leads from your website, landing pages, emails, and more. But reading about call-to-action best practices isn't the same as seeing them or trying them out for yourself.
That's why we put together 28 Free CTA Templates, complete with customizable call-to-action templates and inspiring call-to-action designs to help you create, write, and optimize calls-to-action.
These resources will empower you to create an impressive call-to-action strategy by helping you understand how CTAs work across different use cases, while also providing you with the means to create them for your own website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A call to action, abbreviated as CTA, is a term used in marketing for the next action that you want the user to take. It can be a button on a website that instructs the user to "buy" or "learn more," but it is also used in emails, long-form sales letters, and video advertisements.

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  • Write a great call to action:

    1. Use a strong action verb, also called a command verb
    2. Generate emotion and enthusiasm with your CTA
    3. Hook your audience so they feel they MUST act
    4. Be creative, of course!
    5. Fear of Missing Out - FOMO - Use it!
    6. Numbers such as discounts and prices can be very appealing
  • Absolutely. Just sharing some free knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have marketing questions!

  • CTAs, or call to action, are buttons that compel the user to DO something like "buy now" or "shop," "sign up," "watch," "start," "try," or "learn more."

  • You want the user to click on that CTA, or call to action, so use bright colors, use contrast, make it big enough, position it well, create urgency to "click," and connect with the user with strong action words. This is how you make a CTA button that will convert.

  • Learn more can work as a call to action, and when the user clicks, they are taken to a page where they can learn the details about what you are offering. You may want to use "learn more" as a pop-up if your text is not too long.

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