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Showcase your company's success using these three free case study templates.

Case studies give you the chance to show – instead of just tell.

When shopping for a new product or service, you'd trust the customer who's already used the product or service over the sales guy. Getting a real-life opinion from someone is always more helpful, because it’s both unbiased, and often rooted in a common experience.

Case studies add authenticity to your business, as well as credibility and social proof that your product or service has truly helped others overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Case studies help your leads envision how your product or service would fit into their lives, and often act as that missing piece that moves them to take purchasing action.

Need help getting your first case study off the ground? Look no further. We've put together  templates designed to make the process a whole lot easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • To write a case study, you need to interview the relevant people, collect data, and identify 3-5 problems that the product addressed. Explain how the product solved these problems, and what the overall result was for the company who used the product.

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  • A case study starts with a quick summary of the case, then describes the background of the person or organizations, defines a few specific problems, explains how the problems were addressed, and concludes with the overall results of the case.

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  • A case study can be any example of how a person, company, or product solved a problem or a set of problems. This could include how a software product improved the supply chain management at a company, how a device improved the outcome of a patient, how an organizational change affected a school system, and so on.
  • A case study should have a description of the problem(s), background on the company in the case study, the ways in which the product or service solved the problem, the outcomes of the use of this product, and any relevant metrics or charts you can include. The format can use bullet points or text paragraphs, but should be laid out in a clear and attractive format.

  • A case study is an excellent marketing tool for potential clients to emotionally connect with a user who has benefitted from the service or product your company provides. You should introduce the problem, the company you are profiling, detail how the problem was solved with the product or service, and the outcomes from use of the product or service.

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