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World Certification Day

Thank you!

Because of you we were able to donate $20,000 to help UNICEF keep the world’s children learning during COVID-19.

World certification day

What is Certification Day?

Certification Day is a one day event dedicated to your learning and professional development while also supporting UNICEF's mission to bring equitable education to children across the globe. We know you're busy, but now there's no excuse not to dedicate a single day to learning.

HubSpot Academy certifications

Why Get Certified?

HubSpot Academy provides free, industry-recognized certifications to help you invest in yourself, learn new skills, stay up to date on new trends, grow your career, and grow your business. Join the community of 200,000 actively certified users today.

Popular Certification Courses

inbound marketing certification

Inbound Certification

In this course, you'll discover the fundamentals of inbound, the inbound methodology and the flywheel and learn how to apply them to your business. 

Content marketing certification

Content Marketing Certification

In this course you'll learn a content creation framework for producing effective content on a consistent basis that will make you a more strategic content marketer.

Social Media Certification

Social Media Certification

This course will teach you how to build an effective social media strategy that will build brand awareness, drive word of mouth, and attract buyers on your social media channels.



All of our certification courses are 100% free to take. There are no hidden fees, just tons of valuable education to help you take your knowledge to the next level!

All of the HubSpot Academy courses live inside a HubSpot portal and by creating an account you get unlimited access to all of our courses as well as our free software tools so you can apply what you've learned to your business!