16 Companies from "Boring" Industries Creating Remarkable ContentWhen we talk to companies about the practice of creating content to help attract new business, one of their number one concerns is that their products or services are not interesting enough to warrant blog posts, videos, ebooks, tweets or eye-catching photos.

To prove it’s possible to create exciting content despite being a seemingly boring company, we’ve compiled 15 examples of brands that are telling stories in ways that get people talking about their products -- whether they're selling cleaning supplies, vacuums, real estate, or other (sometimes) snore-worthy products.

In this collection, you'll find examples of exciting content from industries such as:

  • File Storage
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance

Sound snooze-worthy? You'll be surprised after seeing the content they create. Take a gander at this collection, and use it to inspire your own remarkable content strategy.

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