8 Free Consulting Templates

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Access 8 templates for consultants in The Complete Consultant's Success Kit.

Templates to Delight Your Consulting Clients

As your consulting business goes, the need to become more organized and process-focus grows. 

In this kit, we've compiled eight templates you can use to delight your clients.

For your planning and onboarding, we've included a consulting planning template, a presentation template, and an onboarding checklist. 

For researching, we've included a SWOT analysis template and a Porter's Five Forces template. 

For your clients, we've included a sales, marketing, and business plan template. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A consulting business plan is a tool that helps consultants develop their business. HubSpot's Consulting Business Plan Template provides tips that make it easy to learn how to write a consulting business plan with an effective structure:

    1. Executive summary
    2. Company description
    3. Product and service line
    4. Market analysis
    5. Marketing plan
    6. Sales plan
    7. Financial considerations
    8. Download HubSpot's Free Consulting Business Plan Template for more items...
  • A consulting proposal is designed to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in a particular field. It provides an outline of the specific services you provide, as well as some estimates on how long it might take to complete those tasks.

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  • When you're trying to find consulting, it's important to know how to write a proposal. You should start with a cover page that lists your name, the prospective client's name and the date of submission. Then, you'll want an executive summary that covers the client's challenges, how you plan to solve them and what metrics or benchmarks you'll use for success.

  • Absolutely!

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  • HubSpot's consulting templates were made for consulting businesses that want to be more organized and process-focused. For planning, we have a template for consulting planning, presentation, and onboarding checklist. For research, we have SWOT analysis and Porter's Five Forces templates. And finally for clients, there is a sales marketing template.

  • Using a business plan template tailored for consulting businesses:

    1. Write the first draft. Don't worry about grammar, structure or word choice.
    2. Identify your unique selling proposition to help sell yourself as an expert in that field of work
    3. Get feedback on your business plan
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