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Content Marketing Planning Template

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Plan your content strategically with this handy template

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The popularity of content marketing has soared in recent years. Content marketing is no longer an option—a good strategy is essential to compete in the market. This is clear from the sheer volume of content being produced by marketers, with over two-thirds of businesses (67%) creating more content, than they did in the previous year.

This widespread adoption of content marketing is making it more difficult to stand out from the noise. In order to compete with ‘Content Shock’, it is becoming ever more important to question your approach, tweak and optimize your strategy, and grab the attention of your audience by providing value.

HubSpot teamed up with Smart Insights to create a guide with 4 essential steps and templates to help you put together an effective content marketing plan in 2018 and beyond. Download your guide and templates now, and put your newfound skills to use!

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Content templates help you create consistent content for your audience that will be easy for your developers to upload.

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  • Create a content plan once you have your content strategy:

    1. Define your goals.
    2. Decide on best content channels.
    3. Choose your content types.
    4. Allocate your resources.
    5. Create a content calendar.
  • Absolutely!

    Just sharing some free knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have marketing questions!

  • A content plan includes all the marketing collateral and analysis that you have laid out in your content strategy:

    • SEO keyword research,
    • Engagement tracking,
    • Blogging,
    • Social media content,
    • White papers and case studies, plus
    • Your content calendar or schedule.
  • A successful content strategy will include: defined goals, audience analysis, competitive analysis, resource assessment, a budget, ways to analyze your results.

Over 30,000 companies are already using these templates to map out their content.