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My First Million's Copywriting Crash Course

Dive into the key frameworks and approaches that have helped Sam and Shaan build multi-million dollar businesses through writing. 
Sam and Shaan

Quick, Easy-To-Follow Guides

Learn how to be a better writer, the anatomy of a great story, and copy-editing hacks in digestible, fluff-free content bites.

From Learning to Action

Put the talk into practice with a content brief template, 14 ChatGPT prompts to expedite your editing, and Shaan's 3-Step Writing Framework.

Secrets That Built Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

Unlock the copywriting fundamentals that forged the way for The Hustle, The Milk Road, My First Million, and more.

Master Million-Dollar Writing

The hosts of the My First Million podcast have mastered the ability to write effective, persuasive copy. In this comprehensive masterclass, we dive deep into every phase of their creative process, including pre-work, drafting, and editing. Unleash your writing potential and learn the essential strategies that propelled Sam and Shaan to build million-dollar businesses through their words. Elevate your writing game and carve your path to success with the help of these industry experts. Your journey to masterful copywriting begins here.


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