Crisis Communication and Management Templates

Manage, plan for, and communicate during your corporate crises with these crisis management plan templates.

A corporate crisis can happen at any time.

  • Tylenol. Exxon. Jack in the Box. A corporate crisis can arise for any company or business, and it's imperative to be as prepared as possible to respond to the situation. This is why all businesses should have a crisis management and communication plan. 
  • While not all crises can be averted, the way an organization responds to and manages them can have long-lasting effects on the brand value and viability of that organization. Managing the crisis professionally and swiftly is difficult, but worth it.
  • The templates in this crisis communication kit will help your crisis management team prepare for how to handle a crisis and respond to media during the difficult time. Having clear lanes gives your team to operate effectively during times of crisis.

This Crisis Management and Communication Kit Includes:

  • Free Crisis Management Plan Template
  • 12 Crisis Communication Templates
  • Post-Crisis Performance Grading Template
  • Additional Crisis Best Management Practices

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