What is the role of Customer Success in RevOps?

CS RevOps October Meetup

Date Recorded: 10/21/2020

Join the CS RevOps Meetup to meet new peers outside of your company (or home office) walls, geek out about SaaS Revenue Retention strategies and get tried-and-tested ideas on how you can innovate on all things revenue.  This month we will be discussing:
  • CS RevOps Strategy for small to large businesses operations
  • Customer retention vs. customer revenue
  • Key alignment plays with Sales and Marketing
  • How to unlock siloed departments
  • and more!
CS RevOps Host - Michael Ewing
Michael Ewing is a founding member of the Renewal Management Leadership team @ HubSpot, responsible for coordinating global renewal strategy, playbooks, systems and processes that have contributed to the steady growth and retention of our customer base.

He has a 10 year+ tenure at HubSpot with a track record of innovation and trailblazing within Customer Success and Renewal Management.  He is passionate about all things RevOps and strategic alignment, author of eCommerce marketing book "Inbound Commerce: How to Sell Better Than Amazon" and pursuing an Executive MBA @ Trinity Business School.

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CS RevOps Special Guest - Michael Redbord
Profile photo of Michael Redbord
Michael Redbord, Head of Operations at SaaSWorks, was part of the early team at HubSpot where he led the Support and Success teams from $50mm in IB revenue to nearly $400mm. As HubSpot's customer base grew, Michael led and scaled the service team to over 500 employees globally, delighting the customers that today drive HubSpot's growth. He went on to build the HubSpot Service Hub product line as a VP of Product & General Manager, creating the fastest growing product in HubSpot's history. Now, he is Head of Operations at SaaSWorks, whose mission is to make account management more proactive and profitable for scaling subscription businesses.
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