Customer Support Strategy & Planning Template

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Outline your company's customer support strategy with this free template. 

Free Customer Support Planning and Strategy Template

As your business scales, so do your needs for a reliable customer support team. Otherwise, you risk high churn and low customer satisfaction. This can be the end of your business growth aspirations. 

That's why we've crafted this customer support strategy template for you to outline your company's plan. You'll be prompted to highlight your support process, team structure, goals, metrics, budget, and more. 

With this document, you'll have a solid foundation for the frontline of customer interactions. 

  • A customer service strategy is an organization's plan on how to approach all customer service needs and interactions – from what tools to use, to who is responsible for helping customers, to what the team is goaled on. A customer service strategy should be detailed and thorough to avoid the risk of customer dissatisfaction and churn.

  • A customer service strategy is an essential element in any customer-first organization, as it walks through how to help customers, when to do so, and why it's so important. Companies can use HubSpot's Customer Service Strategy Template to build their own strategic plan.

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  • Individualized support is an approach to supporting customers for their specific needs. Rather than sending every customer in need of support to a knowledge base or an explainer video, individualized support relies on customer support reps to thoroughly and completely answer customers' questions in real-time and with a personable attitude.

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  • You write a support plan by outlining your support team's mission, goals, team structure, tools, and partnerships with other departments in the organization. HubSpot's Customer Support Planning Template helps support leaders create this support plan for easy reference by the entire company.

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