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Designing the Partner Journey

Learn how to craft a seamless path for effective collaboration and growth between your business and partners.

September 28, 2023 from 2 PM - 2:45 PM EST


About this Session

Designing a partner journey establishes a structured and purposeful approach to cultivating and maintaining relationships with technology partners. By designing an effective partner journey, businesses can align on goals, expectations, and resources, resulting in improved communication and optimized outcomes. 

On this panel, we'll dive into the art of designing and implementing a partner journey to manage relationships. Kelly Sarabyn, Head of Product Partnerships Advocacy and Enablement at HubSpot, will speak with Pete Rawlinson, CMO at Allbound and Cody Sunkel, Co-founder of Partner Fleet, Rachel Collie, Director of Technology Partnerships and App Marketplace at Unanet, and Chris Lavoie, Director of Partnerships at Arrive on best practices. 

Whether you're at the beginning stages of seeking the right partners or are an established company looking to enhance your partner relationships, this session will provide you with actionable insights to design a partner journey that drives value and success.


Meet the Panel

Kelly Sarabyn circle headshot no orange

Kelly Sarabyn, HubSpot

Kelly runs HubSpot's Product Partnerships Advocacy and Enablement Team.

Rachel Collie, webinar headshot

Rachel Collie, Unanet

Rachel is the Director of Technology Partnerships and App Marketplace at Unanet.

Cody Sunkel, webinar headshot

Cody Sunkel, Partner Fleet

Cody is the Co-founder of Partner Fleet.

Pete Rawlinson, webinar headshot

Pete Rawlinson, Allbound

Pete is the CMO at Allbound.

Chris Lavoie, webinar headshot

Chris Lavoie, Arrive

Chris is the Director of Partnerships at Arrive.

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