client-checkup-promo-cover.pngAn agency is only as healthy as its client relationships. Happy and loyal clients provide stability and referrals. Unhappy and indifferent clients — or worse, angry or disappointed clients — result in a high rate of client churn and a bad reputation for your brand. For an agency, one unhealthy relationship can poison its overall well-being. 

So, how do you know if your clients are healthy and happy?

The agency-client relationship is a symbiotic organism. It needs regular check-ups to assess and maintain the health of the relationship. In this guide, we outline tips and tricks for maintaining the health and happiness of your clients using both happiness and profitability metrics. Once you know what makes a healthy client relationship, you'll be able to retain and secure only the best clients. 

When you take control of your agency’s health and client relationships, the benefits are huge. Your agency is able to focus on priorities, maintain a healthy work environment and eliminate client churn. The best care is preventative care. So don’t keep putting off your annual client check-up!

Download this guide to learn how to:

  • Evaluate Agency and Client Happiness
  • Use a Client Checklist and Assessment Guide for Your Agency
  • Create a  “Quadrant of Happiness” for You and Your Client

Download this ebook to learn how to be proactive about taking the temperature of your client relationships.

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