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The Three-Part Guide to Ecommerce Holiday Success

1. Before the Season & 2. During the Season

Get the first two of a set of three guides to ensure you're making the most of the holiday season.

  • Last year, one in six dollars spent over the holiday season were spent online. How are you planning on capturing your share of that revenue?

    We’ve put together a three-part series to help you succeed this holiday season, by breaking down your to-do list into more manageable sections.

  • 1. Before the Season helps you reflect on 2015 to set 2016 up for success, build your 2016 holiday marketing plan, and audit your systems.

    With 2. During the Season, you'll learn last minute preparations to make everything go smoothly, strategies for listening to your customers, and how to put together a plan to right the ship if something does go wrong.

  • When the final guide in the series launches — 3. After the Season — we’ll make sure you’re first on the list to learn how you should be wrapping up the holidays to see the benefits of seasonal customer acquisition well into the new year.

    Whatever stage of planning you're in, the guide to ecommerce holiday success will help you stay on track for a successful Q4 and beyond. 


To help set your holiday planning up for success, we'll cover:

  • How to learn from 2015
  • Guidance to build a holiday marketing plan
  • Holiday campaign inspiration
  • Last minute preparations to make everything go smoothly
  • Strategies for listening to your customers
  • Tips, tricks, and best practices to bring your marketing to the next level

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