Email Marketing Kit for Startups and Entrepreneurs

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Email Marketing Kit for Startups and Entrepreneuers

A free kit of templates, guides, and inspiration curated for startups and entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their email marketing strategy.

Lightweight intro to email marketing kit for early-stage businesses

Even before you ever release your first product, you need to set up an email marketing strategy for your startup. Email is the ultimate tool for startups and entrepreneurs because it helps you communicate to your early subscriber base and build your brand. Whether sharing your monthly startup newsletter, product betas and releases, or thought leadership that you've published, email is going to be integral to connecting with your audience!,Our HubSpot for Startups partners, such as 500 Startups, TechStars, and Sequoia, often come to us with the same question: how can their portfolio startups actually get started with email marketing? Based on what we've learned by surveying startups and entrepreneurs, we've created this email 101 kit to help you kickstart your email strategy.

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  • Email marketing remains one of the best way to grow and nurture an audience as a startup. It's also extremely cost effective, especially compared to advertising initiatives.

  • Marketing emails need to start with a catchy introduction to ensure recipients read far enough to understand the intended message. You should use attention-grabbing words such as:

    • "This special offer was sent just for you."
    • "Did you see our latest blog post."
    • "We just released a new product that will change everything."
    • "Earn $500 for referring a new customer – yes, you read that right!"
  • Email marketing still works in 2021. There will be a projected 4.6 billion email accounts by 2025, sending targeted email marketing will do wonders when done effectively.

  • There are countless types of marketing emails, but four of the most common types of marketing emails are:

    • Email Newsletters
    • Growth and Nurturing Emails
    • Product Information Emails
    • Promotional and Special Offer Emails
  • Small businesses need an email software that supports them as they grow and scale, which is why many startups use HubSpot's Free Email Software, which starts free. 

Thousands of people have used the templates, guides, and lookbooks in this kit to improve their email marketing.