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A Comprehensive 2020 Sales and Marketing Report

Free Report - Canada Data

Trends and Data Book

If you believe that Sales and Marketing leadership should stay closely aligned, this is the report for you. It contains data from 3,400 marketers and over 500 global sales leaders, with a specific focus on Canada. 

Because in 2020, there wasn't a playbook...

It’s impossible to talk about next year without acknowledging the change that this year catalyzed. As sales and marketing leaders plan for the future, questions are inevitable. This report is here to help you answer them.

+5000 HubSpot Customers in Canada

Over five thousand companies in Canada have trusted HubSpot as their CRM platform, a few highlighted throughout this report, with half of them choosing multiple hubs (2 or more) from HubSpot’s suite of products for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service needs.  In 2020, Canadian customers’ year over year net revenue is up 25%.

  • With workflow automation, I can do 50 things in just a few seconds. It’s like we’ve doubled or tripled our staff without adding any additional headcount

    Michael Palmer


    Pure Bookkeeping

  • We currently have over 30 representatives in territories across Canada and the United States. Some reps have a number of offices, which adds up to 85 locations and 85 landing pages. With HubSpot, we used a template and just changed the logo and office information to develop a customized solution for each rep and office location

    Danielle Ottaviano

    Technical Coordinator

    Aermec North America

  • Our drip campaigns have helped us acquire more suppliers and keep them engaged over time. If they go inactive, we know what we need to do to bring them back. All of this automation has also increased marketing team productivity. We no longer have to dedicate entire days to batch follow up, but instead it’s done for them automatically.

    Saba Mohebpour



Optimize your Sales and Marketing Strategy: Sell Smarter, Grow Better