10 Excel Marketing Templates

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Tired of struggling with spreadsheets? These free Microsoft Excel templates can help.

Don't let Excel intimidate you.

As a marketer, the prospect of having to create Excel spreadsheets -- complete with functions and formulas -- can seem intimidating. You don't have the time to spend watching hours of Excel tutorials.

The reality of the situation is that marketers need to continually measure and analyze performance. And the advantages of leveraging Excel's functionality to organize info and streamline tasks are unparalleled.

To help you keep tabs on all of the different areas of your marketing (without having to do the Excel heavy lifting), we've bundled together ten of our most popular Microsoft Excel templates.

  • There are many places to get free Excel templates, and you can start by looking on Microsoft's website. HubSpot also offers popular Excel templates. Other free templates may ask you to provide your email address so you will end up on a marketing list, but you can find a template to meet almost any need.

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  • When you create a document in Excel, you can choose "New From Template" from the "File" menu and you can browse the options Microsoft gives you. For more options, HubSpot and other sites offer free Excel templates for almost any purpose you can think of.

  • Absolutely. Just sharing some free knowledge that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you have marketing questions!

  • You can get more free templates for Excel on the Microsoft Office website, from HubSpot's Resource Library or Business Templates Library, or on many other websites that offer specific types of templates for different uses.

  • You can download templates for Excel from Office.com by following the instructions. Many other sites like (like ourselves, Hubspot) offer free excel templates for everything from invoices to budgets to charts or timelines in our Business Templates Library.

  • Excel is a very useful tool for marketers. You can use Excel to plan marketing budgets, blog editorial strategies, SMART marketing goals, online ads, SEO, social media, lead generation, and reports. HubSpot's Free Excel Marketing Templates makes executing marketing strategies a breeze.

Thousands of marketers are already using this pack of Excel templates to organize their work and report on their impact.