Extend HubSpot with Snowflake and Segment

Join agencies BBD Boom and Mammoth Growth to learn how the Snowflake and Segment integrations can optimize your data usage and management.

April 9, 2024 from 11 AM - 11:30 AM EST

About this Session

By centralizing your customer data effectively, you can boost the performance of your data infrastructure, gain immediate insights, and ensure top-notch efficiency for your business operations, ultimately providing a more personalized customer experience.

During this 30 minute virtual event, BBD Boom and Mammoth Growth will showcase the power of integrating Snowflake and Segment with HubSpot.

BBD Boom will share how Snowflake makes it easier to comprehensively curate and analyze your HubSpot data within your existing data stack. 

Mammoth Growth will share how Segment can seamlessly keep all of the customer data in your HubSpot instance up to date automatically, with no code required. 

Whether you're new to these tools or looking to enhance your existing processes, join us to learn how integrating Snowflake and Segment with HubSpot's CRM platform can help you harness the full potential of your data.


Meet the Panel

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Tiphaine Amblard, HubSpot

Tiphaine is a Partnership Enablement Specialist, EMEA at HubSpot.

tommy price. webinar headshot-1

Tommy Price, BBD Boom

Tommy is a Solutions Architect at BBD Boom.

tobin bennion. webinar headshot

Tobin Bennion, Snowflake

Tobin is in Business Development & Sales at Snowflake.

Jeff Bartolini. webinar headshot

Jeff Bartolini, Mammoth Growth

Jeff is the Co-founder and COO at Mammoth Growth.

Greg Yeutter webinar headshot

Greg Yeutter, Segment

Greg is a Principal Solutions Engineer at Twilio Segment.

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