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Explore 50 stellar Facebook ad examples from UNICEF, G2Crowd, Hulu & more.

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Facebook's share of US online ad spend continues to grow in 2019, according to research from eMarketer. Marketers know the impact of being able to target specific audiences on Facebook. By meeting potential customers where they are and bringing them highly relevant, contextual ads, brands can create a less interruptive and more helpful ad experience.

It can be difficult, though, to know where to start when it comes to creating new visuals and writing new copy. To stand out from the other photos and videos filling users' News Feeds, you'll need eye-catching Facebook ads that cause people to pause and ultimately click. You'll also need to serve people with offers and messaging that are relevant to them.

We pored through hundreds of ads to identify 50 amazing Facebook ad examples that grabbed our attention and enticed us to click. With examples from 17 industries (both B2B and B2C brands) that represent a number of different Facebook ad formats, you'll find tons of inspiration within to help you craft the perfect Facebook ad for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A Facebook ad headline should be short, descriptive, and actionable. It might be as simple as "Learn More," but could also be as detailed as "Get Your Free Sample" to pertain to what you're advertising.

  • The most successful Facebook ads are the ones that use visuals – particularly video, which has an average click rate as high as 3.4%. Explore 50 of the best Facebook Ad examples we've ever seen with this free guide.

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    1. Write ad copy that is less than 125 characters.
    2. Write a headline that is less than 25 characters.
    3. Write a link description that is less than 30 characters.
    4. Write a display URL that is less than 30 characters.
    5. Add your image, video, or GIF.
  • The average click rate of a Facebook ad is 0.90%, however, this statistic will vary drastically by industry, audience, and ad type. For example, video ads on Facebook can see an average click rate as high as 3.4%.

  • Absolutely!

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  • Facebook ads are absolutely worth the investment in 2021. Since Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users there's no shortage of potential eyes on your ads on Facebook.

Explore 50 stellar Facebook ad examples from UNICEF, G2Crowd, Hulu & more.