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24 Facebook Marketing Myths

24 Facebook Marketing Myths

Data & Insights to Help You Create a Powerful Facebook Marketing Strategy

Are Your Facebook Marketing Efforts Paying Off?

  • Today, the world’s largest social network can do things many of us would never have dreamed of 10 years ago: host 360-degree videos, sell products via a chatbot, or cast Live video from anywhere in the world. But did you know that despite the huge business opportunity Facebook creates for marketers, only 45% of marketers view their efforts as effective?
  • Even though Facebook has been around for awhile now, a lot has changed since it first entered the marketing scene - both to how the platform works and how people are using it. And all of those changes mean a lot of what used to work or used to be true about Facebook isn’t true anymore. But does that mean all of the sources of information have been updated accurately? No.
  • Unfortunately, there are a lot of Facebook marketing myths that many marketers are still relying on to inform their strategy. Don’t be one of them. HubSpot and Socialbakers teamed up to debunk the 24 most common Facebook marketing myths so you can inform your marketing strategy with the facts. Download now to find out if your Facebook marketing ideas are best practices or myths.

What's Inside?

  • Myths on your organic efforts: optimizing your posts and business page
  • Myths on how often to post, how to best engage, and the News Feed algorithm
  • Data and insights to help you uncover myth from fact when creating Facebook Ads
  • The most and least popular Facebook Ad types: what marketers are spending their budget on
  • Facebook Live and Facebook 360 popularity trends, myths, what it means for marketers
  • Myths on whether or not sound is important and how long your audience actually watches video

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