Fostering a Customer-first Marketing Plan

Marketing to Win: The Great Boom Behind Loom

An inside look into building a healthy, customer-first marketing plan on HubSpot, as shared by a HubSpot customer.

Good marketing captures attention. Great marketing attracts the right customers. Exceptional marketing turns them into customers for life. Join us and learn how to reimagine your marketing strategy so you’re attracting better leads, closing more deals, and increasing your customer lifetime value with the right framework. 

In our audiocast, Marketing to Win: The Great Boom Behind Loom, we sat down with Troy Arias, Marketing Operations Manager at Loom, to discuss the company's journey as they scaled to a customer base of 15 million members and how their marketing approach played a crucial role in that growth.


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About Troy Arias

Troy Arias is a marketing ops maven chasing real results and crafting big ideas. He is currently working with the team at Loom to leverage technology, data, and processes to optimize their overall marketing strategy, effectiveness, and revenue pipeline conversion.


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What's included...
  • Marketing Hub Pro Overview
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise Overview
  • Why Marketing Hub Enterprise
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise Buyer Evaluation Guide
  • The Everyday Automator's Guide to Marketing Efficiency
  • Case Study on Loom
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