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Four Days of Facebook

HubSpot has teamed up with Facebook to deliver a four-day series of live video content. During the week we’ll cover all the latest trends in social media and how you can better use Facebook to grow your business.

Get ready for four action-packed days with HubSpot and Facebook

SEPTEMBER 12-15   |   #FourDaysOfFacebook

Join Gary Vaynerchuk, HubSpot’s co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, and social experts from Facebook and HubSpot for tips on how to grow your audience faster than ever before with Facebook.


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Meet the Speakers

  • Gary V
    Gary Vaynerchuk
    Vlogger, Podcaster, Investor, Author
  • Dharmesh Shah
    Dharmesh Shah
    Founder/CTO, HubSpot
  • Brian Halligan
    Brian Halligan
    Founder/CEO, HubSpot
  • Crystal King
    Crystal King
    Social Media Professor, HubSpot Academy
  • Douglas Weiss
    Douglas Weiss
    Product Growth Manager, Facebook
  • Daria Marmer
    Daria Marmer
    Product Manager Social, HubSpot
  • Anand Arivukkarasu
    Anand Arivukkarasu
    Product Growth Manager, Facebook
  • Sinan Aral
    Sinan Aral
    David Austin Professor of Management at MIT Sloan
  • Marcus Andrews
    Marcus Andrews
    Senior Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot
  • Ryan Bonnici
    Ryan Bonnici
    Senior Director of Social/PR, HubSpot
  • MK Getler
    MK Getler
    Learning & Development @ HubSpot & Four Days of Facebook MC



  1. Four Days of Facebook

    Day 1 - September 12, 11-11:45am ET

    This panel of experts is here to help you understand the major trends in social media and how you can adapt your marketing strategy to take advantage of them. Speakers include Douglas Weiss, Product Growth Team Manager at Facebook, Daria Marmer, Product Manager, Social at HubSpot, Ryan Bonnici, Senior Director of Social/PR at HubSpot and moderator MK Getler, Learning and Development at HubSpot.

  2. Day 2 - September 13, 2-2:30pm ET & 3-3:45pm ET

    Part One: Both Brian Halligan and Gary Vaynerchuk have built and scaled businesses. If they were starting a business today, what role would social media marketing play? What networks would they focus on? What role would video and ads play? How would they address mobile consumers? How would they leverage AI? Hear their answers and more in this live session.

    Part Two: The Impact of Social Influence in 2017. MIT’s Sinan Aral is a leading researcher and lecturer on social media and influence. He studies and talks about influence and the impact that technology has had on it. Sinan will be giving a TED-talk style session as part of the second day of Four Days of Facebook.

  3. Day 3 - September 14, 3-3:45pm ET

    Crystal King, Social Media Professor for HubSpot Academy, and Marcus Andrews, HubSpot Product Marketing Manager, will walk you through a persona mapping exercise to figure out who your target market is and how they use Facebook. From there we’ll work with you to walk through the steps of building a campaign.

  4. Day 4 - September 15, 11:30am - 12pm ET

    Why are messaging apps exploding? What’s the opportunity for marketers? How should you use messenger for service or events? How can you build an experience that solves for the customer? Here to answer these questions are HubSpot’s co-founder and CTO, Dharmesh Shah, joined by Facebook Messenger Product Growth Manager, Anand Arivukkarasu.

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