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Bussiness success with facebook

43% of B2B companies and 77% of B2C companies reported that they have acquired a customer through Facebook.

Clearly, Facebook has become a key marketing piece for business success. But how do you fit that piece in the bigger marketing picture?

Learn how from Facebook itself. Watch the four on-demand webinars with Chris Luo, Head of Global SMB Marketing at Facebook.

Nearly 45,000 people signed up for this workshop - don't get left behind.

The workshop covers Facebook's methodology and demonstrate how HubSpot puts it into practice. You will gain access to learning materials (both in video and slideshow format) on the following key steps:


Everything Starts with Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is mission control for your business: all other Facebook marketing begins with it. Learn how to build a strong storefront that can fuel the rest of your Facebook marketing efforts.


Connect to New Fans with Facebook Ads

Start building your fan base by inviting friends, family and employees to like your Page. Learn how you can target Facebook ads to increase the number of connections your Page can accumulate.


Engage Your Fans with Quality Content

The Facebook Newsfeed is dynamic: on average, only 16% of users see the updates you post on your Page. Learn what content to post, how frequently to post, and how to boost the distribution of those posts by sponsoring them.


Influence the Friends of Your Fans

Word-of-mouth marketing is strongest when you truly trust its source. Learn how to post stories in your friends' feeds to spread your brand's influence in a targeted way.


Workshop Details:

Duration: 30 minutes per session


Chris Luo is the Head of Global SMB Marketing at Facebook. He is responsible for the scalable acquisition, growth, and retention of small and medium business advertisers on Facebook.


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Dan Slagen is Head of Advertising & Paid Lead Generation at HubSpot, leading the company's social media and content creation teams.

Who should view?
Marketing professionals who want to learn about Facebook marketing. No technical experience needed.

Technical requirements:
Internet connection and computer speakers/headphones

Hashtag: FB4Biz