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What Is SEO?

The Introductory Guide to Search Engine Optimization in 2017

Master the 2017 SEO playbook with this free guide

  • We all know that when consumers look for a product or service, they turn to search engines for answers. Every year, more than 2 trillion search queries are made on Google alone. That's hundreds of opportunities to get searchers onto your site per second.
  • A strong SEO strategy can help your business generate more leads and get found by potential customers. But search engines are constantly upgrading and changing their criteria for good rankings. So what can you do to help your business get found?
  • HubSpot and have teamed up to help you build your SEO strategy from the ground up. From explaining how search engines work to helping you create an SEO strategic plan, our free, 60-page guide has everything you need to get started with SEO for business.

What You'll Learn:

  • The ins and outs of how search engines work, and what it takes to rank in them
  • How to structure your web pages for maximum on-page SEO
  • How to gain inbound links to your site for improved off-page SEO
  • How to identify the keywords your target audience is searching for
  • Which performance indicators to track when analyzing SEO performance
  • The keys to developing a successful SEO strategy geared toward ROI

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