DURATION: 60 minutes, including Q&A

PRESENTERS: Michael Crosson, Social Entrepreneur and Dan Slagen, Global Marketing Relations at HubSpoinkedIn group with over 450,000 members. Michael also owns SocialMediopolis.com, a resource center for anyone involved in the development, management, and marketing of social communities.

Dan is Head of Global Marketing Relations at HubSpot, leading the company's online marketing and co-marketing partnerships.

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Internet connection and speakers/headphones

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53% of LinkedIn users join ten or more groups. Clearly, LinkedIn Groups present a good marketing opportunity -- so how do you ensure people are joining your group?

LinkedIn Groups are an integral part of social media lead generation. Learn how to grow your LinkedIn Group presence with Michael Crosson, founder of the fourth largest group on LinkedIn, and Dan Slagen, Head of Global Marketing Relations at HubSpot.

During this 60-minute on-demand webinar Michael and Dan will teach you how to:

  • Seed your LinkedIn Group for growth
  • Market and moderate the Group
  • Monitor key metrics for continued success

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