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How to Generate Leads with Infographics

How to Generate Leads with Infographics

11 Tactics to Amplify your Infographic Content

Create Content that Actually Generates a Return on Investment

  • Unless you’ve been completely offline over the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that Infographics -- visual content that combine data/graphics with text-based information to communicate ideas and messages -- have been all the rage for marketers over the years.
  • Like all parts of your content strategy, however, it isn’t enough to just start creating and sharing infographics without any strategy behind what you’re doing. To use them effectively, you have to know what to do with infographics in order to get results.
  • Luckily, HubSpot and Piktochart put together this ebook for using infographics to actually generate leads and amplify the reach of your visual content. By the end, you'll have 11 actionable tactics you can use to drive conversion on your infographic content.

What's Inside:

  • 11 actionable tactics for lead generation with infographics
  • How to optimize your infographics for social
  • Where to host your infographics
  • How to repurpose content into remarkable infographics
  • Where and how to promote infographics to boost visibility
  • How to expose your infographics to new audiences

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