30-minute Webinar:
Getting started with HubSpot CRM

Join Jack Coopersmith (User Success Coach) as he guides you through HubSpot CRM, shows you how it works, and teaches you how to get setup.


Getting started with HubSpot CRM, Webinar FAQ:

  • Is this for me? This session is for those brand new to HubSpot CRM and those who want to make the most of it - so anyone who has a HubSpot account.
  • What will I learn? We'll cover the sales process methodology and walk you through implementing it inside HubSpot CRM, show you best practices, give you some easy setup steps to follow, and answer any questions you have. All in 30 minutes!
  • Does it cost anything? It’s free, and this is not a sales session. Our goal is to get you up and running on the HubSpot CRM Free software.
  • Rather watch the recording? Register above and we'll send it to you after. 

Hosted by:

jack-coopersmith-avatar.pngJack Coopersmith
User Success Coach HubSpot

Upcoming sessions:

September 25

2PM EST (New York)
11AM PDT (San Francisco)
7PM GMT+1 (London)

This session is a high level guide to the HubSpot CRM. I’ll show you a baseline process and other tips and tricks.

September 27

2PM EST (New York)
11AM PDT (San Francisco)
7PM GMT+1 (London)

This session focuses on importing data into the HubSpot CRM, as well as integrating your email with HubSpot.


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