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The Ultimate Google Ads PPC Kit

How To Use Google Ads For Your Business


Google and HubSpot have come together to bring you a Google Ads kit that will help you create a successful Google Ads strategy. Inside, you'll find a guide to all things Google Ads, including information on search campaigns, lead generation, budget setting, and more. Learn more and get $500 in ad credit by linking your Google Ads in HubSpot.

Plan Your PPC Campaigns With Ease

The Ultimate Google Ads PPC Kit

Creating an excellent Google Ad is about more than writing snappy copy. It's a mix of art and science that focuses on the right keywords, the right budget, the right pay per click rate, and artful copy that answers your audience's search questions. We brought together the experts at Google to give you a step by step strategy around creating successful Google Ads. You'll learn the foundation of search campaigns—the difference between paid and organic, what a quality score is, how to find keywords, test landing pages, and more.
Search campaigns can be incredibly complex, but they're also a huge opportunity for iteration and optimization. Aside from the foundational information around paid search, we're also bringing you templates that you can use to organize your Google Ads efforts, as well as report on their success and iterations. In this kit, we've included a checklist for setting up your Google Ads, to make sure that you don't miss an optimization in the process. When setting up ads, you'll want to bookmark this piece so you can come back to the best practices and the "why's" time and time again. 


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The Ultimate Google Ads PPC Kit