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How To Use Google Ads For Your Business

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3D Ebook - The Ultimate Google Ads PPC Kit

The complete guide on how to advertise with Google to help you create engaging, high-converting search engine ads. This free guide also contains instructions on claiming $500 in ad credits with HubSpot and Google

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Grow your business with Google Ads

Want to get started with Google Ads, which reaches 80% of global internet users?

Creating an excellent Google Ad is more than writing snappy copy. You have to pick the right keywords, budget, pay-per-click rate, copy, audience, and other components to ensure your Google Ads can reach the right audience and attract them to your business.

We’re taking away the complexity of search engine advertising with our Ultimate Google Ads PPC Kit, featuring instructions on how to develop a keyword strategy, write smart copy, enhance ads with generative AI, and more. Plus, we’ve thrown in a free checklist to keep you organized. Download now to get access to this guide and template and take the guesswork out of Google Ads.


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The Ultimate Google Ads PPC Kit