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You'll hear from HubSpot experts, alongside special guest speakers. Here are just a few of the speakers you'll see at GROW 2019...

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  • Dharmesh-Shah

    Dharmesh Shah


    Co-founder & CTO

  • Kipp-Bodnar-HubSpot

    Kipp Bodnar


    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Heidi

    Heidi Andersen


    Vice President of Global Sales

  • Cameron-Adams

    Cameron Adams


    Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

  • Jon-Stona

    Jon Stona


    Head of APAC Marketing

  • jenny choi

    Jenny Choi


    Head of Client Solutions Management

  • fannie

    Fannie Soubiele


    ASEAN Startup Business Development

  • 7

    Tim Soulo


    Chief Marketing Officer

Join 1,000+ of your peers and learn how to GROW better

At GROW, you’ll hear from some of the best minds in digital marketing and sales.

In Singapore on Monday 4th November Join us and 1,000 other attendees in Singapore for keynotes and masterclasses. Imagine one year's worth of reading books, blog posts, coffee chats and podcasts compressed into one day of learning - all developed to help you attract, engage, close, delight your customers, and grow your business

Throughout the day we'll cover...

Marketing Track
The marketing track at GROW is for anyone who wants to improve their expertise in all things digital marketing. Sessions will cover everything from content marketing and blogging, to SEO, social media, and PPC, and you'll leave each presentation with actionable, in-depth takeaways on how to improve your marketing strategy.
Sales Track
The sales track at GROW is for those who want to get new ideas and learn best practices to improve their company's sales process. In these sessions, you'll learn from experienced sales leaders who have “been there, done that" and gain insight into the nuts and bolts of how to build a successful and efficient overall sales process, whilst increasing the productivity of your salespeople.
In Person Advice
With the HubSpot team available on the day, you can chat in-person about the strategies you currently use to grow, and get personalised advice on how to improve your approach. You’ll also be able to discover how the HubSpot software can help you meet your goals across marketing, sales, and customer service.
Grow Your Network
Meet people in similar roles, and who are facing similar challenges, who will act as your sounding board for years to come. Succeeding with inbound is easier (and more fun) when you share your successes and challenges with peers, so use this opportunity to network and meet new people.


✔️How do I generate more leads for my business?

✔️How can I use SEO to generate more traffic to my website?

✔️How do other marketers measure the ROI of their marketing efforts?

✔️How do I do digital marketing on a small budget?

✔️How do I build the right go-to-market strategy?

✔️How can I make my monthly sales more predictable?

✔️What marketing 'best practices' should my team know going into 2020?

✔️How do I use a CRM to close more deals?

  • Check in will open at 8am.

    Grab your badge and name tag, the join us for your morning coffee while getting to know your fellow GROW attendees.

  • Event Open & Welcome
    David Fallarme, Head of Marketing, Asia at HubSpot

    Technology has undoubtedly changed, but more importantly, so have your customers. Expectations have never been higher and trust has never been lower. Yet, most organisations have done little to respond. The answer? Change the way you attract, convert and delight your customers.

    David Fallarme, Head of Marketing at HubSpot, will open GROW 2019 by sharing a new framework that will enable you to adapt to meet your customers needs and regain their trust, setting the scene for the day’s event.

    Opening Keynote

    A New Species of Disruptor: How You Sell is Why You'll Win
    Shahid Nizami, Managing Director, APAC at HubSpot

    The big market disruptors of the past leveraged technology to re-write the rules of business. Today, innovations in customer experience are disrupting business as usual.

    The purveyors of delightful customer experiences are the new leaders in B2C and B2B markets.

    In his opening keynote, Shahid Nizami uncovers what makes a consumer experience disruptive, leaving you with a fresh perspective and new ideas for improving your company's experience across marketing, sales, and services. 

  • 10.15am - 10.55am

    The 4 Simple (But Unusual) Marketing Strategies That Transformed HubSpot’s Growth
    Kipp Bodnar, Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot

    If you don't have a few "wait! we're doing it all wrong!" moments in your career, well... you're doing it all wrong. In this session, Kipp Bodnar, Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot will talk through a series of realisations the HubSpot marketing team had that went against common marketing practices, and the impact that inverting their approach made on the company's growth trajectory. In this session, you’ll learn from our mistakes, and hear how our discoveries can be your shortcuts.

    10.55am - 11.20am

    Break: Networking and Morning Tea

    We'll take a break so you can stretch your legs, grab a coffee or tea, and return feeling refreshed.

    11.20am - 12.00pm

    A New Framework for B2B Growth
    Heidi Andersen, Vice President of Global Online Sales at LinkedIn

    Marketers have never had more opportunity to drive transformational growth. But the effectiveness of advertising remains a problem. In search of evidence-based growth strategies, LinkedIn commissioned ground-breaking new econometric-based researchwhich will be shared for the first time in Asia at GROW. From this, B2B marketers can expect to learn a new growth framework to achieve exponentially better results. 
    In this session, we'll cover: 
    ·     Key principles for driving growth in a B2B organisation 
    ·     Myth busting the debate around brand vs. demand generation strategies 
    ·     How to balance rational and emotional messaging in your campaigns 
    It’s time for a new approach.

    12.05pm - 12.45pm

    How to Build a Modern Sales Process for 2020
    Madison Carmody, Senior Sales Manager at HubSpot

    Building a standard sales process isn't enough any more -- your buyers expect you to provide a frictionless, personalised sales experience every time. Modern sales technology remains a largely untapped resource that can give today’s sales representative an unprecedented advantage in achieving this. The question is: how do you leverage this technology to create a seamless sales process that will help you prospect more effectively and close more deals, faster?

    In this session, you'll learn the fundamentals of what a modern sales process should look like, and pick up the tips, tools, and technology to help you meet the needs of the modern buyer.

  • 1.30pm - 2.10pm | Breakout Room 1
    Blogging for Business: How to Build a Million Dollar Business with One Article
    Tim Soulo, Chief Marketing Officer at Ahrefs

    In the past few years we've observed the rise of content marketing as one of the most sought-after strategies in online marketing. And while everyone seems to understand the "what" (start a blog, create amazing valuable content, promote your content to the right audience, etc.) only a few seem to understand the "how" (where to get traffic to your content and how to convert these people into customers and sales).

    In his talk, Tim Soulo will share his first hand experience of building a "blog that converts". You'll learn his tried and tested methods for building a million dollar business with just a handful of articles, and how to drive significant revenue from a just single blog post.

    1.30pm - 2.10pm | Breakout Room 2
    Social Selling: How to Stop Spamming Your Audience and Start Driving Conversions
    Graham Hawkins, Founder & CEO at Salestribe

    The best salespeople are engaging customers where and how they learn, and they focus on adding value before they extract it. Used correctly, social media allows sales professionals to connect with prospective buyers in a personalised, value-adding way. However, too many salespeople are using social media as an additional channel to spam their target market with impersonal mass-messaging. It's not only ineffective, it does more harm than good. Success on social is the opposite of scale and amplification. In this session, you'll learn why increased personalisation equals decreased rejection, and how to use social media as a way to add value to your prospects, and in turn, close more customers.

    Key takeaways: The critical role of social media in engaging and nurturing leads; How to add value to social media: creating tailored messaging for each stage in the buyer's journey; Putting the 'social' back into social selling: using personalisation to treat your prospects like humans, not faceless names in a database; How to amplify your message: leveraging every person inside your business to boost effectiveness of social selling.

    1.30pm - 2.10pm | Workshop Room
    How to Maximise the ROI of Your Facebook Ads
    Kush Sagar, Commerce Platforms Lead at Facebook

    You probably have a few Facebook campaigns running, but could they be performing better? In this workshop, you'll learn tips and tricks directly from Facebook to make sure you're getting the most value out of your Facebook Ads. You'll leave with a better understanding of how you can drive more traffic, get more leads and maximize your ROI.

    2.20pm - 3.00pm | Breakout Room 1

    How to Get Started with Advertising on LinkedIn
    - Sammy Elazab, Head of Online Sales, Southeast Asia at LinkedIn

    - Mallory Fahy, Head of Client Solutions, Asia-Pacific at LinkedIn

    In this session, session, we’ll set the foundations for successful advertising on LinkedIn. You'll learn how to activate, optimise and measure your LinkedIn campaigns to maximise your ROI. This session is ideal for anyone getting started with LinkedIn ads, or those who need a refresher on the basics of the platform.

    2.20pm - 3.00pm | Breakout Room 2
    How to Actually Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams (and Stop Wasting Leads)
    Xin-Ci Chin (Xinch), Head of Marketing at StoreHub

    We hear a lot about the importance of sales and marketing alignment, and it’s commonly reported that companies that are successful at it enjoy higher growth rates. But let’s be honest, it’s a pipedream for most organisations. Not for StoreHub, who doubled-down their focus on sales and marketing alignment back in April 2018 and have seen huge success as a result.

    In this session, you’ll learn how StoreHub’s sales and marketing teams achieved true alignment, and how the business is benefitting from it. Head of Marketing, Xin-Ci Chin, will walk you through the nuts and bolts of how the company achieved this, including insights into their MQL and SQL definitions, the process for handing leads over to the sales team, and the lessons they learnt through their own experimentation. You’ll leave with a blueprint for what successful sales and marketing alignment looks like, and plenty of ideas to try when you get back to the office.

    2.20pm - 3.00pm | Workshop Room
    How Power Users Grow with HubSpot: Tips for Advanced Marketing & Sales Teams
    Paul Cleenewerck, Enterprise Account Manager, HubSpot

    What does marketing look like when you work for an enterprise company? How does sales prioritise leads when your database grows by the thousands every week? This workshop is for companies who demand more from their marketing and sales teams, and want to learn from other companies who do the same. It's a deep dive into advanced HubSpot features used by some of Asia's fastest growing companies.
    We'll cover:
    • Building an advanced sales process and lead prioritisation system in a multi-team environment
    • Extending HubSpot's smart content capabilities for anonymous traffic when running large scale PPC campaigns
    • Building a solid tech stack with integrations to extend HubSpot's capabilities
    • Customising your prospect/client relationship with advanced chatbot features and contact identification
    • Case studies from companies across Asia who are using HubSpot to orchestrate sophisticated marketing and sales strategies

    3.00pm - 3.30pm
    Break: Networking and Afternoon Tea

    We'll take a break so you can stretch your legs, grab a coffee or tea, and return feeling refreshed.

    3.30pm - 4.10pm |
    Breakout Room 1
    How to Use Inbound Marketing to Grow in a Hyper-competitive Industry
    Katherine Ng, Head of Global Brand Marketing, Liquid

    Founded in 2014, Liquid (formerly known as Quoine), has grown to become one of the top funded fintech companies in Singapore. With $125M in funding and offices in Singapore, Japan and Vietnam, it’s fair to say their team knows a thing or two about how to grow in a hyper-competitive industry. In this session, you’ll learn how Liquid used inbound marketing to skyrocket their conversion rates and achieve new levels of growth for the business. Katherine Ng, Head of Marketing, will walk you through how she implemented one of their most successful campaigns to date, so you leave feeling inspired, with a fresh perspective and new ideas for improving your own approach to marketing.

    3.30pm - 4.10pm |
    Breakout Room 2
    Panel: How to Build and Manage a World Class Sales Team
    - Gabriel Lim, Founder & CEO at Saleswhale
    - Tien Tien Sin, Sales Leader at Zoom
    - Dileep Kannan, Regional Director at Grab for Business
    Moderated by Madison Carmody, Senior Sales Manager at HubSpot

    Hiring the right people is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges when growing a company, even more so when those people are sales reps responsible for bringing in new business. But finding and hiring talented people is only the start -- managing them and pushing them to reach their full potential is often an even greater challenge. In this panel, you'll hear from accomplished sales leaders who have built successful playbooks for building and managing high performing sales teams. They'll share their own experiences, and the key things they've learnt along the way, so you'll leave full of new ideas for hiring and nurturing your own salespeople.

    3.30pm - 4.10pm | Workshop Room
    Panel: Proven Ways To Grow Your Business When You Don’t Have Unlimited Budget
    - Fannie Soubiele, ASEAN Startup Business Development at AWS
    - Jenny Choi, Head of Client Solutions Management at Facebook
    - Jon Stona, Head of APAC Marketing at Stripe
    Moderated by Jacinda Siew, Customer Success Manager at HubSpot

    You may be starting out in the early stages of your business with an idea, or you have already found product market fit and want to grow faster. Regardless of which stage you are at, budget is almost always a constraint. “We have too much money,'' said no one ever. In this panel, we’ll discuss the different growth strategies for testing your ideas without having to empty your nest egg, and scale in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

  • Fireside Chat and Audience Q&A with Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder & CTO of HubSpot and Cameron Adams, Co-founder & CPO of Canva
    Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder and CTO, HubSpot
    Cameron Adams, Co-founder and CPO, Canva
    Moderated by James Gilbert, APAC Marketing Director, HubSpot

    In his 13 years at HubSpot, Dharmesh Shah has learned a lot of lessons as the company grew from a tiny startup into the multi billion dollar public company it is today. Since launching in 2013, Canva has grown to over 20 million monthly active users across 190 countries. Cameron Adams is Canva's Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, and has seen the company scale to become a billion-dollar 'unicorn'.

    In this fireside chat, Dharmesh and Cameron will share the key moments in HubSpot and Canva's histories which led to their success, and the mistakes they made along the way. With the opportunity to ask your questions, this closing session is not to be missed. Whether you’re a marketer, salesperson, CEO, or a founder yourself, you’ll leave with new ideas and a fresh take on how to build a highly successful business -- from startup, to scaleup, and beyond.

    Event Close & Key Takeaways
    David Fallarme, Head of Marketing at HubSpot

Please note that this agenda is subject to change.


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    It was a great day, and I gained some really valuable insights to take back to work. I always enjoy meeting new people and learning from experts in the field.

    2017 Attendee

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    Truly engaging. GROW 2018 taught us what is truly possible if the inbound methodologies were to be applied directly to us.

    2018 Attendee

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    Thank you for providing such great content in such a confusing, overwhelming, ever-changing environment. Can't wait till your next event!

    2017 Attendee

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    This was the best marketing and sales event I've ever attended and I attend a lot! Keen to see what else you have in store.

    2017 Attendee

  • sg-defaults_testimonial-avatar-2
    The content, quality and calibre of presentations was superb. I'd encourage EVERY marketer, HubSpot customer or not to make this a MUST ATTEND in your calendar each and every year.

    2017 Attendee

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