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GROW Australia and New Zealand 2019 is over for another year...

You can check out the 2019 session recordings and post-event resources in the HubSpot Academy here.

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Join 1,000+ of your peers and learn how to GROW better

GROW is the industry event for company builders, marketers and sales leaders who want to scale and grow their business, better.

In 2019, HubSpot will bring together some of the brightest minds in marketing, sales, customer experience, and business growth to deliver keynotes and masterclasses to over 1,000 attendees throughout one day of learning. Business growth leaders from HubSpot, CEBIT, SalesTribe and many more will show you the ins and outs of the inbound methodology, to help you attract, convert, close and delight your prospective customers.

Throughout the day, we'll cover…

Marketing Tactics

Marketing in a technology-driven age is continually evolving and changing, and it's difficult to keep up with what works and what doesn't. We’ll teach you a robust, effective approach to marketing that will enable you to attract the right type of customer, and have direct impact on your company’s revenue.

Sales Strategies

The way people buy has changed, and the customer is more in control of shaping the buying experience than ever before. Salespeople are tasked with not only being experts on their product, they’re now expected to add real value to their prospects during the sales process. We'll show you the inbound sales techniques and technologies that can help you meet the needs of this digitally-empowered customer, and connect with them in the right place, at the right time, with less effort.

In-Person Advice

With the HubSpot team available on the day, you can chat in-person about the strategies you currently use to grow, and get personalised advice on how to improve your approach. You’ll also be able to discover how the HubSpot software can help you meet your goals across marketing, sales, and customer service.


Meet people in similar roles, and who are facing similar challenges, who will act as your sounding board for years to come. Succeeding with inbound is easier (and more fun) when you share your successes and challenges with peers, so use this opportunity to network and meet new people.

  • This was the best marketing and sales event I've ever attended and I attend a lot! Keen to see what else you have in store.

    GROW 2018 Attendee

  • Thank you for providing such great content in such a confusing, overwhelming, ever-changing environment. Can't wait till your next event!

    GROW 2018 Attendee

  • It was a great day and I gained some really valuable insights to take back to work. I always enjoy meeting new people and learning from experts in the field.

    GROW 2018 Attendee


You'll hear from HubSpot experts, alongside guest speakers from Shopify, WeWork, Weploy, MadeComfy, Xero, The ICONIC and many more. Here are just a few of the speakers you'll see at GROW.

Check out the full speaker line up.

  • Scott-Brinker

    Scott Brinker


    Vice President, Platform Ecosystems

  • Nick-Houldsworth

    Nick Houldsworth


    Executive General Manager, Ecosystem

  • Kat Warboys

    Kat Warboys


    Head of Marketing, ANZ

  • Ronni Kahn

    Ronni Kahn AO


    CEO & Founder

  • Untitled%20design%20(3)

    Sabrina Bethunin


    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Ben-Eatwell

    Ben Eatwell


    Chief Operating Officer

  • Lionel-Beraldi

    Lionel Beraldi


    Head of Growth - Australia and New Zealand

  • Priscila

    Priscila Bernardes


    Head of Marketing and Sales


  • Opening Keynote
  • Breakouts
  • Workshops & Info Sessions
  • Closing Keynote

Opening Keynote

7.30am - 8.30am

Registration opens and networking breakfast

8.45am - 10.00am

Event Open & Welcome

Technology has undoubtedly changed, but more importantly, so have your customers. Expectations have never been higher and trust has never been lower. Yet, most organisations have done little to respond. The answer? Change the way you attract, convert and delight your customers.

Kat will open GROW 2019 by sharing a new framework that will enable you to adapt to meet your customers needs and regain their trust, setting the scene for the day’s event.

Kat Warboys - Head of Marketing, HubSpot ANZ

Opening Keynotes

How Disjointed Tech Stacks Are Damaging Your Customer Experience

Damn it, Jim, I'm a marketer, not a systems integrator!" Dr. McCoy from Star Trek might have protested. Yet in today's digital business environment, marketing leaders find themselves often managing a "stack" of dozens of different apps across their organisation. How do you select which tools to use? How do you get them to work well together? How do you empower the full marketing team — and for that matter, the rest of the organisation — to take advantage of this toolbox? Who manages your stack as a whole? We'll address all of these questions to get you on the right path to harnessing the best of the marketing and sales technology landscape in your business.

Scott Brinker - VP Platform Ecosystems, HubSpot

Closing the Loop on Customer Data: A Conversation with Chief Martec and Xero

In the past decade, there has been an explosion of tools for growing businesses -- whatever your role, there’s an app for everything. But most businesses aren’t connecting them, and are losing crucial customer insights in the process.

Nick Houldsworth, GM of Ecosystem at Xero, is an expert in back-office software -- accounting and bookkeeping tools, and every other behind-the-scenes function that keep a business running.

Scott Brinker (aka. @ChiefMartec) is a leading expert in front-office tools -- there’s likely not a marketing, sales, or customer service software he hasn’t heard of.

In this session, they’ll share their deep expertise on how to use technology across all functions to create a delightful end-to-end customer experience from marketing, right through to invoicing.

Scott Brinker - VP Platform Ecosystems, HubSpot
Nick Houldsworth - Executive General Manager, Ecosystem, Xero


10.00am - 10.40am 

Networking and coffee break

10.40am - 11.10am

HubSpot Track - Attract
Doing More with Less: How to Grow Organic Traffic with Limited Resources

Growing a business online is almost always reliant on generating traffic to your website. Whilst an SEO-focused content strategy is usually a sure-fire way to grow organic traffic, creating new content is incredibly time-consuming. But there are other things you could be doing to boost the traffic you're getting from Google. In this session, you'll learn different tactics for optimising your existing content and website structure to drive more organic traffic, without creating extra content.

Matthew Howells-Barby - Director of Acquisition, HubSpot and Co-Founder, Think Tank


Walk the Talk: Becoming an Innovative Leader in a Digital Age

Stephen shares his personal insights into the secrets of innovative leadership in the 21st century, drawing on his unparalleled leadership experience to offer a provocative prescription for leaders of businesses large and small, including how they will need to master data, analytics & AI in order to dominate the business battlegrounds of the future. From humility and curiosity, to speed, transparency, data dexterity and customer obsession, Stephen offers practical advice for every business leader on how to remake themselves from corporate also-rans into innovative leadership rock stars!

Stephen Scheeler - CEBIT Australia Chairperson and Founder, The Digital CEO (former CEO of ANZ, Facebook)

How to Stand Out with Video on Social Media

By 2020 more than 80% of the internet traffic will be video. That is a huge amount of video content brands will be competing with, whether it is cat videos or videos from other brands. So just making a video, publishing it and hoping for the best isn’t going to cut it anymore. With the over-saturation of video online, how can YOU stand out on social media? In this 30-minute session, Melissa De Coster, Creative Services Manager from Shootsta, will share insights on how to beat two of the biggest video challenges brands deal with today:

1. How to get video served to your audience? Or in other words; how to get social platforms to actually show your video to your entire target audience by understanding algorithms.

2. And once served, how to get your audience to actually watch your video? How to optimise your video to get people to start and keep watching until the end.

Melissa De Coster - Creative Services Manager, Shootsta


11.20am - 11.50am

HubSpot Track: Engage
Prospect Like a Pro: How to Future-proof Your Sales Process

Modern sales enablement technology remains a largely untapped resource that can give today’s sales representative an unprecedented advantage. The question is: how do you best leverage this technology to create a seamless sales process that will help you prospect more effectively and close more deals, faster? David Shepherd, HubSpot’s Director of Sales ANZ, will share tried and tested tactics and tools to help you work smarter.

David Shepherd - Director of Sales, HubSpot ANZ


Grow Better Panel: How Today's Marketers are Shaping the Customer Experience

“Customer first” is a phrase that’s often thrown around by many businesses today. It is, after all, a hot topic as we move into a more customer-centric world. But, the reality is that most businesses are “customer eventually”. They don’t truly own the customer experience and as a result, don’t realise the full potential of being “customer first”. This panel will discuss the importance of marketers in shaping the customer experience, from championing cross-team alignment, removing customer friction points and the technology they use. They’ll also share the pitfalls and challenges they've overcome on the road to turning their customers into their best growth channel.

Host: Susanne Ronnqvist Ahmadi - VP International Marketing, HubSpot

Nina Jung - Chief Marketing Officer, MadeComfy
Priscila Bernardes - Head of Marketing and Sales, Lancom Technology
Melle Staelenberg - Director of Customer Marketing, The ICONIC


Future Proofing Your Brand

It’s hard to believe that some of today’s million-dollar brands, didn’t even exist five years ago. Today’s fast-changing environment is affecting your customer’s behaviour. And it’s the brands that are willing to adapt that continue to thrive; and those that don’t, shut down. We can’t predict the future, but we can help you prepare for unforeseen challenges. In this session, we’ll share strategies to future-proof your brand that will increase your chance of survival and help you stay relevant to your customers.

Erik Newcomb - Merchant Success Lead - APAC, Shopify Plus


12.00pm - 12.30pm

HubSpot Track - Delight
How to Turn Your Customers into Your Best Marketing Channel

The hard truth is, consumers don't respond to marketing like they used to. Today, people trust the recommendations from their friends, family and your exisiting customers more than they trust your sales and marketing. It isn't easy to adapt, but there are opportunities for huge growth for those that do. Find out how to turn your happy customers into your next big marketing channel.

Varun Bhandarkar - Customer Success Manager, HubSpot

Social Selling: Stop Spamming Your Audience and Start Driving Conversions

The best salespeople are engaging customers where and how they learn, and they focus on adding value before they extract it. Used correctly, social media allows sales professionals to connect with prospective buyers in a personalised, value-adding way. However, too many salespeople are using social media as an additional channel to spam their target market with impersonal mass-messaging. It's not only ineffective, it does more harm than good. Success on social is the opposite of scale and amplification. In this session, you'll learn why increased personalisation equals decreased rejection, and how to use social media as a way to add value to your prospects, and in turn, close more customers.

Key takeaways: The critical role of social media in engaging and nurturing leads; How to add value to social media: creating tailored messaging for each stage in the buyer's journey; Putting the 'social' back into social selling: using personalisation to treat your prospects like humans, not faceless names in a database; How to amplify your message: leveraging every person inside your business to boost effectiveness of social selling.

Graham Hawkins - CEO & Founder, SalesTribe

How to Actually Build a Conversational Marketing Strategy

What you sell isn't enough anymore. It's how you sell that will determine your success. Consumers are less patient and more demanding than ever. Technology has moved the goal posts, and businesses are expected to be always on, and always ready to help. Conversational marketing is the way to meet these ever-rising expectations at scale.

But how do you do it? In this session we'll explore how you can implement a conversational growth strategy across marketing, sales, and customer services, and the technology you'll need to make it successful.

Elissa Hudson - Senior Marketing Manager, HubSpot APAC

12.30pm - 1.20pm

Lunch and networking break

1.20pm - 1.50pm

Grow Better Panel: Attract, Engage, Delight: Building an (Employer) Brand People Love

Jeff Bezos said it best: “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” The same is true for your employer brand. It used to be difficult to find out what a company was really like to work for, but thanks to Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and social media, that’s changed. Talented people can afford to be picky, and what your future candidates hear from their peers or read online can make or break whether they choose to work for you, or take a job with the competition instead.

As a result, it’s never been more important to be deliberate about creating a culture and employer brand that your current employees are proud of, and that will attract the best future talent. It’s time recruiting took a leaf out of marketing’s book. During this panel, four passionate leaders share their thoughts on why workplace culture, employer branding, and business success are irrevocably linked. You’ll hear their advice on what you should be doing as an employer to attract and retain remarkable people, including how to help your employees build their work around their lives by offering more flexibility, and how to motivate your team to do their best work.

Host: Shahid Nizami - Managing Director APAC, HubSpot

Ben Eatwell - Chief Operating Officer, Weploy
Carrie Kwan - Co Founder/ Managing Director, Mums & Co
Lionel Beraldi - Head of Growth - Australia & New Zealand, WeWork

A Model for Success: Atlassian’s Research on Building High Performing Teams

After two years of internal and external research to understand what drives high performance across teams, Atlassian have established a model that's now being used across 50 teams internally to further explore and improve team performance. Join this session to learn more about the research that was completed and how Atlassian's teams are using its findings to be more healthy and effective.


Jamie McCollough - Head of Performance Development, Atlassian


2.00pm - 2.30pm

HubSpot Customer of the Year Award

The HubSpot Customer of the Year Award is a chance to celebrate our customers' initiatives and achievements in scaling business growth through the adoption and use of the inbound methodology. In 2019, we wanted to see stories of innovation and the subsequent learnings that pushed the boundaries of what the organisation has previously achieved when it comes to marketing, sales or customer service.

Join us as we reveal the winner for 2019 and learn about their success in a short Q&A with HubSpot’s APAC Marketing Director, James Gilbert.

Workshops & Info Sessions

Discover more about HubSpot's tools and programs.

HubSpot Product Demo (Marketing and Sales Tools)
See the HubSpot marketing and sales platform in action as our Inbound Growth Specialists demo the software live. This is your chance to ask questions about how HubSpot's tools and features can help your business grow better.

Session times:
10.10am - 10.40am   |  10.45am - 11.15am
11.20am - 11.50am    |  12.00pm - 12.30pm
12.40pm - 1.10pm


Quick Wins with HubSpot Marketing Free: attract strangers to your brand and convert them into prospects
Our resident HubSpot experts will show you how to start generating and converting leads today, using our free tools. Set up tracking on your site while learning best practices on how you can turn your website into an engine for new business without spending a cent.

Session times:
10.10am - 10.40am  |  12.00pm - 12.30pm

Quick Wins with HubSpot CRM: engage prospects more effectively and close deals faster
It’s not enough to generate leads for your sales team - you need to ensure they are passed off to sales as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll show you how to optimise the set-up of the CRM partnered with sales enablement tools and tactics to boost your sales teams performance and close more deals, faster.

Session times:
10.45am - 11.15am  |  12.40pm - 1.10pm

Quick Wins with HubSpot Customer Service: delight your customers
Your customers are your best marketing channel, but is your customer delight program setup to help you successfully build a base of happy promoters? We'll dive into the tool and strategies that will help you turn your customers into your best growth engine.

Session times:
11.20am- 11.50am

Grow your Agency with the HubSpot Partner Program
HubSpot's Partner Program is for agencies of all sizes that want to grow their businesses by providing clients with exceptional inbound marketing and sales services. This session will show you how you can get started and how you can make the program work for you.

Session times:
10.10am - 10.40am  |  12.40pm - 1.10pm

Agency Partner Spotlight: How to Grow a Retainer-Based Business
Join this session and hear how some of our top agency partners were able to prove the ROI of their client's marketing spend and drive more retainer contracts. Ultimately, you'll learn how you can attract and close new clients, retain existing clients for longer, and grow your team with the HubSpot Partner Program.

Session times:
11.20am - 11.50am

HubSpot for Start Ups Info Session
It's never been easier to start a business but it's also never been harder to grow it. You've built a great product, now you just need customers! Discover how HubSpot can help your startup grow with our marketing, sales and CRM software, plus education and support. You'll also learn how eligible startups can save up to 90% off the cost with our HubSpot for Start Ups Program

Session times:
10.45am - 11.15am  |  12.00pm - 12.30pm

Quick Wins with Asana
From Chaos to Clarity: How to Manage Your Marketing Campaigns More Effectively with Asana
No matter how great your ideas are, even the most promising marketing campaigns will fail without proper planning. Aligning stakeholders, sticking to timelines, and assigning roles and responsibilities for an endless list of tasks is no easy feat. Yet all of this behind-the-scenes management is crucial to the success of your campaigns. Join the experts at Asana to learn how to streamline your team’s work, freeing you up to create more experiences your customers will love. This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Learn about and navigate Asana with ease
  • Create projects and tasks to organise and track your team’s work, especially deadlines
  • Simplify team collaboration
  • Understand the different types of projects and processes you can manage in Asana, including content calendars and marketing campaigns.

Session times: 
10.10am - 10.40am  |  10.45am - 11.15am
11.20am - 11.50am   |  12.00pm - 12.30pm
12.40pm - 1.10pm    |  1.20pm - 1.50pm

Closing Keynote

2.30pm - 3.15pm

A Conversation with Female Founders: Lessons in Leadership, Resilience, and Forging Your Own Path with Ronni Kahn AO and Sabrina Bethunin

When Sabrina Bethunin immigrated to Australia seven years ago, she couldn’t speak a word of English. Now, she’s CEO and Co-Founder of MadeComfy, an end-to-end property management solution which raised $6m in funding last year, and recently announced a partnership with Airbnb.

Ronni Kahn AO didn’t intend to start a charity, but as the owner of a successful event business, she saw the huge volume of food going to waste each day. Realising this had to be fixed, OzHarvest was born. Since then, she’s built a team of nearly 200 staff and 2,000 volunteers. She’s a leading voice on the topic of fighting food waste, both in the media, and in an advisory capacity to the government.

Join your host Olivia Ruello, CEO at Business Chicks, for a conversation with these remarkable leaders and leave feeling inspired to effect change and find purpose in your own career.

Host: Olivia Ruello - CEO, Business Chicks
Ronni Kahn AO - CEO and Founder, OzHarvest
Sabrina Bethunin - CEO and Co-Founder, MadeComfy

Closing Remarks and Event Close

Kat Warboys - Head of Marketing, HubSpot ANZ


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  • All keynotes, 3 breakout tracks, and 3 workshop sessions
  • Welcome coffee, coffee break and lunch
  • Access to the HubSpot Meeting Hub, networking space, and more!


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