How to Get More Twitter Followers

How to Get More Twitter Followers

A 3-Part Kit From the Experts at Twitter and HubSpot

Everything you need to know about getting more followers and generating business from Twitter

  • Unless you're a celebrity or your brand is a household name, it's not easy to amass a huge following on Twitter. The good news? There are a few big levers you can pull to quickly and effectively collect quality followers for your brand's Twitter account.
  • In this kit, you'll receive HubSpot's tactical guide and comprehensive checklist on how to gain followers using organic and paid methods, the best practices on what to Tweet, when, and why, as well as a Customer Insights Report from the experts at Twitter.
  • These assets will help you better understand how people are discovering and engaging with businesses on Twitter in order to develop meaningful relationships between your business and followers  (in partnership with @ResearchNowUS).

What You'll Learn In This Kit:

  • Optimizing Tweet copy for maximum return
  • How to use captivating visual content to engage followers
  • Promoting your handle - best practices and inside tips
  • How to run Twitter campaigns to increase your audience and prove ROI
  • When to use Ad Campaigns to move the needle on followers and leads
  • How followers become loyal customers and brand advocates

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