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Research shows that a mere 3% of influential individuals generate 90% of impact online.

Are you surprised? Probably not. But the more important question is - do you know how to tap into the power of that 3% as a content strategy to grow your company?

In the past, influence was exerted by a select few (academics, journalists, celebrities) that had managed to gain people's trust. Nowadays, influence is distributed amongst trusted thought leaders, industry experts, and niche dwellers. You need to find the most important and trusted people for your brand (whether they’re prospects, current customers, industry experts, or simply passionate individuals) and build a mutually beneficial relationship.

We'll show you how to:

● Identify the right influencers for your brand
● Leverage influencers in your content marketing
● Perform effective outreach
● Nurture the relationships
● Measure success

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Quote-9On average, marketers who implemented an Influencer Marketing program in 2014 received $6.85 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media. 
– BurstMedia Influencer Marketing Report


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