Optimize the Past: The Secret to Doubling Blog Traffic & Leads

Learn how to get 100% more traffic and leads with historical blog optimization

Optimize the Past: The Secret to Doubling Blog Traffic & LeadsHistorical optimization means updating and optimizing your "old" blog content so it's fresh, up-to-date, and has the ability to generate even more conversions and organic search traffic than it already does.

If you're an experienced blogger who's tasked with growing and scaling the results you generate from your blog, historical optimization is something you need to care about. Here's why ...

As a result of our ongoing historical optimization, HubSpot has been able to generate a ton more value from blog content we've published in the past:

  • We've more than doubled the number of monthly leads generated by the old posts we've optimized.

  • We've increased the number of monthly organic search views of old posts we've optimized by an average of 106%.

This ebook covers why historical optimization is such a game-changing tactic, and how you can follow our historical optimization playbook to achieve awesome results like this, too.


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