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30 Ways Sales Can Leverage Content Marketing To Close Deals

30 Ways Sales Can Leverage Content Marketing To Close Deals

Tips, tools, and tricks to enable your sales team with content in the new year

Leverage Content Marketing Skills to Enable Your Sales Team

  • Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever before. Sales reps have a lot of noise to break through. Reps spend about 15% off their day leaving voicemails and sending emails, only 20% of which ever get opened. Buyers demand more. There are so many resources at their fingertips to research, compare, and test products. 
  • Research shows that decision makers touch at least five pieces of content before they buy. But only 20% of salespeople actually use content to engage prospects and clients. Bridging this gap can push more prospects through the funnel and boost conversion. So how can sales teams best leverage content to come out on top?
  • Bitly and HubSpot teamed up to bring you the best guide for enabling your sales team to close more deals using content. In it, you’ll find 30 unique ways your team can create specific content for sales nurturing, automate more of your sales team’s workflow, and make it easier than ever to leverage content to close deals. 

What’s Inside?

  • Building your sales reps into industry thought leaders
  • Landing initial sales conversations using personalized content
  • Continuing to build relationships even after an initial “no”
  • Tips for automating your marketing funnels to better enable reps
  • Using brand advocacy to fuel future deals
  • Framing conversations and building urgency using content

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