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How to Build a Sales Culture That Lasts

On-demand Webinar

Learn from 2 of Europe's leading sales experts on how to build a high-performing sales culture.

A successful sales culture brings out the best in your salespeople.

You can’t measure your team’s culture like you’d measure their monthly revenue, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. In fact, your organization’s sales culture plays a huge role in how much your salespeople sell, how productive they are, how long they stay at your company, and more.
Building and maintaining a strong sales culture isn’t easy. However, it’ll have a greater impact on your results than you could’ve thought possible. You’ll be able to recruit and train great reps, get your desired results, and make everyone on the team happy to work there.
In companies with healthy attitudes toward sales, salespeople and sales victories are celebrated. Do you feel like there's more you could do for your sales culture? Sign up for this webinar to learn from Europe's top sales experts on how to build a sales culture that lasts.

Meet the Speakers

  • Sean

    Sean McPheat

    CEO at MTD Training Group

    Sean McPheat is regarded as a thought leader in the world of sales effectiveness. Sean has been featured on CNN, ITV, BBC and has over 300 different media credits to his name. Sean is CEO of the multi-award winning MTD Sales Training who have trained over 250,000 professionals from 23 different countries.

  • Oliver-3

    Oliver Lopez

    CEO at Structsales

    For the last 10 years, Oliver has been reinventing how sales and marketing are done in large corporations. He's the founder of Structsales, a consulting business, that helps clients achieve more profitable deals and shorter sales cycles. In his keynotes, he explains how to perfect marketing and sales efforts.


1. The 7 Key Drivers Of A Winning Sales Culture | Sean McPheat

Transform your sales team into killer closers by creating a high performance environment in which they can thrive by implementing these 7 key drivers.


2. Why Your Sales Team’s Culture Is the Secret Ingredient to Creating a Sustainable Pipeline | Oliver Lopez

By maximising the most out of every role in the sales department, your sales team can build a predictable pipeline and close valuable long term business working as a team, not as individuals.


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