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How to Build a Social Media Strategy Dream Team

How to Build A Social Media Strategy Dream Team

How to Structure, Organize, and Build a High Performing Social Media Team

Grow your social team from the ground up with this free guide

  • The most successful businesses can quickly find, test, and leverage new marketing channels to grow and fill their inbound marketing funnel. Social media is no longer an experimental new channel - it's widely renowned as a scalable, measurable way to fuel growth via lead generation and conversions all the way down the funnel.
  • As important as social media is, the evidence shows that many businesses just don't know how to make it work. An Ascend2 study found that 40% of businesses feel that social media is the most difficult marketing tactic to execute. The challenges those businesses face often come down to how they structure and incentivize their social media teams.
  • That's why HubSpot and Sprout Social have come together to bring you a free guide to growing and maintaining a stellar social team from the ground up. From identifying great candidates to onboarding new team members and avoiding burnout, this ebook has everything you need to harness and scale social media for success.

What You'll Learn:

  • Defining social media roles for your team and set the foundation to scale
  • How to structure your team for social media ROI
  • What to look for in a social media hire to ensure your team has complementary skills
  • Setting up new hires for success to shorten the onboarding process
  • How to measure individual success to ensure your employees have a trajectory of career growth
  • How to keep your team from burning out and the leadership and team building activities to strengthen your team bond!

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