Webinar Details

DURATION: 60 minutes

SPEAKERS: Jill Konrath, Sales Expert and Meghan Keaney Anderson, Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot


Jill Konrath is an internationally-recognized sales expert, speaker and bestselling author of Selling to Big Companies, selected by FORTUNE as a "Must Read", and SNAP Selling, the #1 sales book on Amazon.


Meghan is Product Marketing Manager for HubSpot, a marketing software company in Cambridge, At HubSpot, Meghan oversees the launches, internal education and market strategy for the company’s fifteen-component marketing software.

In today’s business environment, your website can either make or break a sale. When visiting your website, prospects make snap decisions regarding your competence. And, if your site lacks key content, these new sales opportunities will flee elsewhere.

Find out how you can build a website that engages your online visitors and turns them into sales opportunities. Listen to sales expert Jill Konrath and Meghan Anderson, Product Marketing Manager at HubSpot, for our on-demand webinar that will discuss how you can build a website that sells.

After watching this on-demand webinar you will be able to create a website that:

  • Attracts high-quality traffic and leads
  • Showcases your expertise and value
  • Breaks the status quo barrier
  • Moves prospects through sales funnel

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